Autoimmune Conditions

stem cell treatment for autoimmune disease

Symptoms of Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune conditions are named after the target tissue. If the inflammation affects the joints the diagnoses may be Rheumatoid Arthritis or Psoriac Arthritis. In the case of IBD, Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis the target organ is the large intestine. If it’s the nerves and brain, the condition may be diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis. Lupus involves multiple target tissues such as the skin, muscles, and joints. Symptoms of an autoimmune condition, no matter the target organ system include chronic pain, fatigue, headaches and weakness. Acute flares are severe exacerabations of the chronic symptoms that may result in  hospitalization. 

Potential Causes of Autoimmune Conditions

Viruses, including attenuated ones from vaccines are known to be implicated in autoimmune conditions. Exposure to enviornmental toxins such as chemicals or mold are also suspect in cases when the physician does more exploration. It’s important for the diagnosing physician to not just order and treat labs, but to ask environmental questions to see what may have sparked the inflammatory flame.

The benefit of treating autoimmune conditions with stem cells is that even if the cause is unknown, the treatment will significantly improve your health. Pain is significantly diminished, stamina and strength return, and you no longer need to take anti-inflammatories or steroids every day. 

Treatments for Autoimmune Disease

Conventional treatments for any autoimmune condition are the same and include steroids, anti-inflammatories and biologics. The problem with this plan is that the symptoms are simply being controlled. Since the immune system is suppressed, these treatments do not result in lasting resolution. The long term health consequences of taking immunosupressants are infections, frequent illness, and cancer. So there is little to be desired in the way of conventional treatments for Autoimmune disease.

How can a stem cell IV help with Autoimmune Disease?

Stem cells have the unique ability to respond to Cytokine Signaling. What this means is they migrate to the areas in your body where there is inflammation. This characteristic is great for autoimmune conditions since symptoms are often experienced in multiple it skin, muscles, joints, nerves. Once in the area of injury, the stem cells go to work to facilitate healing and repair. Diseased weak cells are replaced with strong healthy cells. Stem cells are also well researched to be anti-inflammatory which is a significant benefit to patients with autoimmune conditions. Soon after a treatment you will experience less pain, more energy and strength.

Stem Cells are also anti-microbial which can help those who may have a chronic viral or fungal infection. Even if the doctor or patient is not aware of an infection, the auotimmune condition could be the result of  the presence of a certain microbe. Stem Cells cover all the basis when it comes to healing the immune system and repairing the target tissues. To learn how stem cells work, go to our FAQ.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of infustions needed to achieve the desired results depend on how progressed the autoimmune condition is and the existence of other medical conditions. For more servere cases or neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, two or three infusions will be needed.  (FDA trials show minimum 600,000 stem cells per lb is needed for IV use).

What Results can I expect?

All patients receive nutrition and supplement recommendations in addition to the stem cell infusion. Our clinic has many other treatments for local residents such as hyperbaric oxygen, ozone sauna, Rife, and PEMF. Results vary patient to patient depending on their overall health, age and lifestyle. Patients report less pain and more energy within a month. Patients also report less dependance on medication for pain control. Avoiding the use of pain medications protects the liver and kidneys in the long run. Once you get moving again, regular exercise will help your overall condition. The goal is to avoid the use of prednisone and biologics, and get you moving again.

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Individual responses vary considerably and depend upon the stage of disease, age, and pre-existing conditions and other individual differences. Individual results vary, and discussion of successful cases is intended to educate about what may be possible and do not indicate that they will be successful in all patients. There are no guarantees that benefits will be obtained, or adverse events will be avoided. The intended use of stem cells on this website is for immune system modulation only.