Stem Cell IV for Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidneystem cell for life scottsdale az Disease: Symptoms & Treatments

Chronic kidney disease is insidious and has a slow progression. The most common underlying causes are high blood pressure, Diabetes and long term use of over the counter pain medications and isolate protein supplements. Many medications and health conditions strain the kidneys and there is no cure except to get a new kidney. Unfortunately, the list is long and you have to already be on dialysis in late state failure to be considered. In the meantime, the most common treatment is to maliate the symptoms of water retention with diuretics and blood pressure medications.


There are 4 stages of kidney disease based on the blood marker GFR (glomerular filtration rate):

Stage 1: GFR  > 90 with clinical symptoms such as protein in the urine.

  • Stage 2: GFR 60-89
  • Stage 3: GFR 30-59
  • Stage 4: 15-29
  • Stage 5: <15

Symptoms of chronic kidney disease include fluid retention, shortness of breath, fatigue, low back pain and high blood pressure. Clinical signs are protein and/or blood in the urine.  Dialysis is a big disruption to one’s quality of life and has the potential for complications due to electrolyte imbalances and risk for infections. Patients in kidney failure dread the thought of committing to dialysis for the rest of our lives. Fortunately, there is an alternative treatment which has the potential to reverse kidney disease and delay, if not totally eliminate the need for dialysis. Especially when this powerful treatment is combined with a kidney friendly diet.

Stem Cell IV for Chronic Kidney Disease

Stem cells have the unique ability to differentiate into different types of cells including renal cells. When we are young, we are able to heal and recover so much quicker. As we age, the number and viability of stem cells decline and it takes longer for our organs to recover from damage..whether it be from lifestyle or medications. Overtime, organs detetiorate and lose function. Kidneys are a vital organ and when we lose functionality in our kidneys, our overall health is compromised.

Stem cells can be infused and is a simple in office treatment. It is noninvasive and safe.  Once infused, the stem cells respond via cytokine signaling to injured body cells. In the case of chronic kidney disease, the stem cells migrate to the kidneys to initiate the healing and rebuilding process of the renal cells. We have seen patients who experienced a 10 point increase in their GFR in just a month. Studies have already confirmed the safety of this treatment and show promising results.

Along with the stem cell IV, our patients are provided dietary guidelines to enhance the production of stem cells, while reducing further injury to the kidneys.

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