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Hair Regrowth with Exosome Therapy

 What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are vesicles of information released by mesenchymal stem cells. They secrete cytokines and growth factors that body cells respond to. Exosomes are key mediators in cellular communication, facilitating growth and repair. They also reduce inflammation by modulating the immune system. Exosomes are very small and nimble making it easy for them to deliver proteins across barriers.

How does exosome therapy help with hair loss?

The growth factors and cytokines delivered by the exosomes help decrease inflammation and facilitate growth and repair. Inflammation is a big part of aging. This is why we experience more pain and slower healing. By reducing inflammation and facilitating growth patients can slow down early hair loss and even experience new hair growth.

Why stem cells instead of a hair transplant?

Hair transplants do not help with new hair growth. This is an 8 hour procedure that costs $10,000 and a few days off work. The procedure involves taking hair from places where there is decent hair growth and transplanting it to the areas where there is significant hair loss. Stem cell injections facilitate new hair growth, the procedure takes 20 minutes and is half the cost with no down time. 


Exosome Therapy for Alopecia Areata

Exososome therapy helps with Alopecia Areata by modulating the immune system. This condition is caused by autimmunity against the hair follicles. By reducing inflammation and facilitating repair, patients may experience great results with Exosome injections. And what’s even better is that there are no contraindications and it’s a very safe therapy.

How long before I notice hair growth?

In most cases you will see new hair growth in 2-3 months. Full results are seen in 6 months. The exosomes stay in the body for up to 8 months, which is when we determine if a second treatment is needed.

Exosome Therapy versus PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP uses the patient’s own blood to isolate the cytokines and growth factors. The problem with this is that the aspirate is coming from a patient who may be older or has inflammation. The processing takes place in the doctor’s office, not in an FDA registered lab. This means there is no way to know how many or how viable the growth factors are in the product that will be injected into the scalp. By using exosomes processed in a lab that has the ability to quanify and measure viability, the patient can be assured he is getting what he pays for.

What makes our Exosomes better than all the rest?

Our exosomes come from stem cells that have the highest viability on the market due to the fact that they are not mass harvested. Each unit has 400million which come from freshly harvested stem cells. No mass harvesting or long term storage. Our exosomes and the stem cells they come from are extensively tested for bacterial and viral proteins. In over a million patients around the world who have been treated with our stem cells, there has not been one adverse reaction.

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