Long Covid Syndrome

Stem Cell Therapy shows promising results for the treatment of Long Covid Syndrome.

Symptoms of Long Covid Syndrome

Long Covid Syndrome is characterized by long covid symptoms 1024x736 1persistent symptoms beyond the acute phase of the SARS-CoV-2 infection. The syndrome is complex and may be debilitating affecting multiple systems such as adrenal, brain, heart, nervous and digestive systems. The most difficult symptoms that patients deal with day to day are cognitive impairment and malaise. Many patients become depressed and anxious as their quality of life goes downhill. Patients spend a lot of money and time going from one specialist to another seeking a diagnoses so they can find the appropriate treatments. Unfortunately, most specialists are only trained to treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause when it comes to autoimmunity and inflammation. Long Covid can be the result of either the natural illness or the Covid vaccine, or both.

Treatments for Long Covid

Treatments depend on which specialist you go to but does not vary widely. Steroids are commonly uses to suppress inflammation and treat fatigue. Pain medications and antidepressants are also commonly prescribed. In other words, the cause of autoimmunity is not addressed.

How does stem cell therapy work with Long Covid?

MSC’s (mesenchymal stem cells) have long been proven to decrease inflammation, moderate the immune system and assist tissue repair. Therefore, studies have been done for the treatment of Long Covid Syndrome and have showed promising results. To date, more than 100 cinical trials are exploring the effects of MSC’s and their derivatives such as Exosomes in Covid-19. 

MSC’s respond to cytokine signaling, going to the areas of inflammation and injury. There they secreate growth factors and cytokines that facilitate healing and repair. Systemically, the stem cells moderate an imbalanced immune system due to the overreaction of the immune system to the spike protein. Spike protein infiltrates multiple systems, including the lungs, adrenals, and brain, causing multi-system inflammatory symptoms. MSC’s are anti-inflammatory and are also anti-viral which addresses the Covid virus itself, as well as other viruses which may have be reactivated such as Epsteine Bar and Herpes. The treatment is very safe and can treat all ages. When combined with an anti-inflammatory diet, the results are amazing and life changing.

If you have been suffering with Long Covid and going from doctor to doctor, now is the time to schedule a complimentary consultation and begin your journey back to health.

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