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Jack, Los Angeles California
“I had been diagnosed with UC for 5 years. I tried everything, medications and supplements. When I went to get the stem cell treatment I was in the worse flare ever. Within a week, my symptoms began to dramatically improve. Dr. Hendricks has been supportive and stays in communication with me. For the first time in a long time, I am off medications and living a healthy life. I 100% recommend this doctor.

Tim, Golden CO
My daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age 20 after an ER visit. Between the infusions and medications her health was rapidly declining. With hesitation we decided to try stem cell therapy with Dr. Hendricks. Best decision we ever made. A year later she is still off meds, and back to her pre-diagnosis health.

Lucci Nader, Los Angeles CA  I
I was initially reluctant because of the cost but when modern medicine and all the meds in the world didn’t help, roughly around 4 months after the my stem cell infusion everything started changing. Feeling better than ever! I’m back to normal and better.

Chanda, Scottsdale AZ
I was diagnosed with a torn meniscus in my knee in Dec. 2021. I didn’t do surgery and tried physical therapy, rest and anti-inflammatories. In Feb. 2022 I tried stem cell therapy and I’m so happy to be active again, walking and hiking. Thank you Dr. Hendricks for her expertise and guidance in getting me to be active again

Karen, Mansfield OH
I had an autoimmune disease from breast implants and was doing ok until I got the covid vaccine. After the 2nd shot, my Raynauds became very severe and I lost 2 finger tips to gangrene. I was so scared that next I would lose more fingers and a toe. So I got a stem cell IV and did hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The oxygen therapy helped a lot but seemed short term. Eventually, after a few months my toe started to get better. It took awhile but the stem cells saved my toe! Now I can wear closed shoes again. The doctor also helped me change my diet and get off sugar which I’m sure helped too.