Stem Cell IV Therapy

Doctor Consult 

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    What can Stem cells Do? 

    Build, repair and replace diseased tissue with new healthy tissue. Help modulate the body’s immune response and reduce inflammation. Stem cells replicate and differentiate into different tissues. They respond to paracrine signaling from the body cells by migrating to the area of injury.  They also have an anti-microbial effect against acute and chronic systemic infections.

    How is the treatment done?

    In office intravenous or injection

    Is the treatment safe?

    Yes. We use an FDA, AATB and AABB lab to process the stem cells. This means that the lab not only has to follow safe tissue guidelines, buy it is under constant audit by all three regulatory bodies. No other lab that works with physicians is with all three. Therefore they are not constantly audited for safe tissue practices. There has been no harmful reactions with our stem cells in over 44,000 patients.

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    Stem Cell Therapy can help with:

    -Autoimmune Disease (MS, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s, RA)
    -Lyme Disease
    -Chronic pain
    -Strength & Anti-aging
    -Drug Detox

    What is Regeneration?

    Regeneration is the process of renewal and restoration, whereby diseased or older tissue is replaced by healthy new tissue. With the help of stem cells, patients can now experience a healing of their chronic disease that until now was impossible.