Stem Cell IV for Multiple Sclerosis

MS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease in which the immune system attacks the meylin sheath. This results inDamaged myelin sheath Multiple Sclerosis poor nerve cell communication. Conventional medicine does not have a treatment to reverse this debilitating disease. It is widely accepted that stem cells migrate to the areas of tissue damage. In the injured areas, the stem cells reduce inflammation and assist in regeneration. This happens in the peripheral as well as the central nervous system. Everyone responds at a different rate of cellular repair per treatment so more than one treatment is needed, and over time, many of the symptoms of MS will be diminished.

Stem Cell IV’s have helped many with MS to live a higher quality of life. Increased strength and decrease in pain can be experienced in most patients who receive the treatments. Stem Cell IV’s are helpful in any autoimmune condition to balance the overactive immune system, so that inflammation is significantly reduced. We combine diet and lifestyle with our infusions to enhance stem cell performance and eliminate anything in the diet that is inflammatory. We also know stress can be a component to this condition and give the patient stress reduction tools they can use.

Stem Cell IV for MS

The use of Stem cell treatments are not FDA approved. Even though these treatments are investigational, highly promising and significant results have been documented.  Because randomized, double-blinded studies have not been completed, STEM CELL treatments should be considered investigational. As with all treatments, results meeting your expectations cannot be guaranteed.

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